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Small steps make big differences!

Mindary is a mental health application that will support you with easy-to-apply and short practices to gain positive habits that will support your well-being.

Start trying Mindary, prepared in the light of positive psychology science, now!

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Download Mindary now and start enjoying the change!

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Get into the habit of happiness

Get a Happiness Habit!

Happiness is a habit, and you can be happier by increasing the good habits you experience throughout the day.

Mindary every day!

Mindary Every Day!

Believe in the difference small changes make and increase your happiness by increasing your good habits.

Don't break your ties!

Don't Break Your Ties!

It cares about improving your social ties and your relationship with the world.

Change is possible in two minutes!

Change is Possible in Two Minutes!

Focus on your well-being with short practices, taking just two minutes a day.

Follow the change!

Follow the Change!

Follow your change from the first moment and stay motivated!


Mindary offers practices that will support positive habit development and mini tools that will improve your quality of life that you can integrate into your daily routine.

The aim of the application is to support the user's well-being with short and effective practices through positive psychology interventions and to enable them to increase their positive habits.

How Do We Support You?


They are short, small and actionable practices to be solved on a daily basis.


They are sets of practices that the user chooses and participates in.


They are small, quick and immediately solvable practices that support well-being.


These are repetitive practices that will support the user in developing habits.

Mini Tools

These are tools that will support the user in matters such as focus and productivity.

Science Behind

The Foundation of Mindary: Positive Psychology

Fun, courage, optimism, peace, creativity, good relationships are the positive attitudes and skills we need to live happy lives. All of these are not things that occur while fighting negative emotions such as anxiety and anxiety. Positive psychology is a branch of science that aims to guide us in developing attitudes and skills that are highly related to our happiness.

What We Learned from Positive Psychology

strong side

It focuses on developing individual strengths rather than weaknesses.


It does not aim to eliminate unhappiness. It aims to combat unhappiness and embrace happiness.


He knows that even if there is nothing bad in people's lives, if there is no meaning in them, this will get in the way of happiness after a while, and he strives to give people a purpose.


It doesn't just teach happiness. It also tries to make happiness sustainable.

Try Mindary now!

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